The Rust!

When it ached not, I cried.

When they cared not, I smiled.

Nurtured not a little dream in me.

The lies I have been alive.

Not a single seed I plant.

Nor do I look up the sky.

That’s not where I should go,

Just home is the limit to my flight.

The reality you may spoil,

But the sleep you can’t take.

A little hill I see in my dream.

Guess what! That’s the escape I make.

Green grass, freshly irrigated.

Sunny sky to not look at.

A book I always keep with me.

Also a dog. Or maybe a cat.

But, Oh! don’t be so scrunchy.

It’s just a seven hour sleep.

Then will I get up to realise,

I’ve your irrational promises to keep.

Just so you could pat your ego back to rest,

I pull up my ideal suit pant.

And cover all your discrepancies under my stole.

Ready for the indispensable battles, I fight alone.



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