The Sixth Day!

One day when plants had grown fully and the animals have been roaming the land, the Lord moulded a structure with a little essence of Himself in it. Every other creation of His was/is His, but this new creature was a little He, Himself.

He must have known that the mistake had been made already – and He realised it very soon when He immediately started to miss His little essence. But by then His creature had left and now he roamed the land; meaningless.

Called upon by Him, the creature asked, ‘why am I here?’

‘To fulfill a purpose. I have provided you with the best of what I have. I have filled you with wit, sight, speech, emotions and conscience – and much more than I ever wanted to give. This is your land now. Like the one I have above you. This place from horizon to horizon is your territory. Like I have mine above you. You rule the land. But I rule you. This is your prison. And you are the prisoner too.’, echoed from above.

‘What purpose do I have to fulfil, dear father?’

‘Here in front of you, is everything that I created; the plants, air, the animals and this whole universe. While on it, I felt complete. I felt good. But then when I crafted you, everything vanished. The happiness and fulfilment, it just flew away. You are the best of what I did and yet something is missing. You took a little me and I want it back. Fill that void of mine and I will set you free.’

And since then, we still roam meaningless.


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