Away and far, not lost!

(i) Getting distant in life for sometime is important. Distant from the place of work, from the regular people, from your smell and soul, your thoughts and feelings and from any similarities that exist within you. You can pack your clothes one day and escape some part of life. Similarly, you can pack your soul and elope; with absolutely nothing with you except for your soul.

(ii) When you elope, try to take a different route that has never been explored by you but had been dreamed of. But here remember not to dwell up thoughts. Because only when you are empty, you will understand the importance of being busy.

(iii) Walk far enough where the pull of dirt is strong but not so far where pull of life gets weak. Remember that the purpose of eloping is to cleanse your soul and not to find a new purpose of hating your regular life. Because you have got to return. You want to travel to the unknown but you don’t want to get lost.


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