The Tale Of Three

Last night was very dark.
I opened the window a bit,
To ask for some light,
From the moon I had hung.
But the clouds had covered it.

I left the only room,
Of my spacious hut.
And walked away from it,
Leaving the door guarded,
By a beautiful shroud with a cut.

Humming to myself
I searched for a while,
Found a place beside the sea.
To sit under the sky,
Away from my hut, by a mile.

The dark stretch of water,
Saw me singing there alone.
The sea started gushing lyrically,
While the moon peeked out,
To listen to my merry tone.

Looking gloomy somewhat.
The moon asked in sorrow.
‘How are you still happy in so little?’
I smiled and replied, ‘I may look poor,
But God has given me enough for you to borrow.’


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