Filthy Beauty

A hand flew through her back,
Undoing the lace of her dress.
Planting a kiss on her neck,
He grabbed her from her waist.

Face sinking in her skin.
Hand marking his territory.
Came up to the hair,
And removed the clip hurriedly.

Filling him with the smell of cologne,
Hair danced their way down.
Nerve by nerve he was pixilated,
Finding his way in the gown.

Shoved the tongue down her throat.
Stripped the sleeve recklessly.
Squeezing both of her fronts,
He licked her skin hungrily.

Pushed her down. Tore her dress.
Hands held, up her hair.
Bit her lip. Came down on knees.
Pants undone; tool in air.

With a look so manly and brave,
He slid the tool in her with a thud.
And again in that night of animalism,
A beauty was found lying in the mud.


25 Replies to “Filthy Beauty”

  1. Such a sensitive and important issue conveyed soo beautifully… amazing writingπŸ‘Œ…rape is not just women’s issue it’s about men who stop behaving like human beings….And yes u tried a different pattern of writing …well done πŸ˜ƒ…keep writing Nd keep it up betaπŸ‘


  2. I wonder what ‘her’ was doing when ‘him’ was in act…

    Why we woman are victimized???

    I read few of the comments on this post which relate this writ to rape. I won’t agree to it. This sounds to me more as an act of confusion over the question of love…. We allow things to be done and wonder if they worth it…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Everybody has a point of you. I am glad you shared yours… Very few take out time read the blogs, and even fewer share their views.
      I would say that, it is not about victimising women. It’s just an issue tried to put forward in a different way. Definitely it is not reaching to the readers in the similar manner…

      About rape, no woman allows it to happen with her…


      1. Yes…I agree…no woman allows it to happen with her ….

        And I am equally glad to come across this post…always wonderful to know diveristy in opinions and perspective….

        And yes…it dint reach to me as this it is….I cannot relate this poem to something so demeaning as rape…yet…it conveyed some meaning to me….and I feel satisfied…Thank you

        keep writing more… πŸ™‚


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