Daughter Of A Mother…

I am your shadow, they say.

You taught me what you once learned.
You made me what you are today.

I would run behind you all the time.
On your lap I would end my day.

My eyes, my lips, my hair, my hips.
All looks like you.

They say even our souls are almost one,
Not two.

I sat with you in kitchen for hours.
Learning to spread that dough round.

I saw you smile in every happiness.
And on every sorrow that came around.

They say I am supposed to be like you.
Oh! How much I want that for myself.

But mother, were you not wrong?
Being your vulnerable true self.

Unlike you, I panic.
I breakdown and I break things down.

Unlike you, I choose my happiness.
And that makes me frown.

Never will I be able to be like you.
I am okay with not filling that hole.

I am supposed to fly, mother.
I am a shadow that has left her soul.


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