I Left…

I left.
The warmth of my mother’s hands.
The comfort of my father’s words.
The deep secrets with my sister.
The joints with my brother.

I left.
I never looked back.
I never complained.
I never thought again.

I left.
I miss them.
I care for them.
I fear their condition.

But the most worst of all is,
I left
And I never returned.

This is what we do.
We choose dying for nation
Over living with family.


26 Replies to “I Left…”

  1. beautifully described..truely speaking before coming to the end where u disclosed that this is dedicated to our heroes, our soldiers..I felt so related to it..!!I am living far away from home..I miss family, keeping all the pain behind.. trying to work hard each day to fulfill the dreams..is really tough at times..!!

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