A Vital Turn!

Now I pass my seven years more,

Growing old and growing wise.

I am now a nocturnal animal.

I am unseen burden on the shoulders.

I am sudden maturity in the words.

I am random search for true love.

I am now the hard work for my dreams.

I am sincerety towards my duties.

I am now workaholic.

I am getting older and responsible.

I am worried eyes of a father.

I am caring hands of a mother.

I am struggle to earn.

I am fake smile and nods.

I suddenly departed from childhood and struggled through the teenage.

But now my feets move slow;

Living every second, enjoying the independence.

I now live for others; my spouse and my mother.

I am not allowed to be impulsive.

I am expected to be mature.

I, being your adulthood.

Live and spend me wisely.

I can give you memories to cherish.

It’s time for you to wake up.

Live your dreams and love your duties.


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