Sunken Speculation!

Standing on the door and keep looking through it will do no good. Either push yourself to the other side or vacant the door. There are others who are willing to pass through it. There is nothing like wrong or right. It is either worth it or not. And you are the only one to decide.

It takes courage in doing both; putting the step forward and taking the same backwards. Neither of it will show you weak. You are brave if you are strong enough to decide for yourself.

Just do it. All life demands is a little courage.

Good night to all.

Stay blessed.


23 Replies to “Sunken Speculation!”

  1. There is nothing like “weak” which exists in this world. Even the ant climbs walls. Decisions which are taken individuals are with their own perspective, benefits and outlook. And I believe that something which has taken form through your own brain or heart can never be wrong. It may be a wrong timed decision but never a wrong one!
    Well done once again! Outstanding thoughts ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

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