The Next Stair

And then I grew up.

Slipping through the innocence, I turned into wickedness.

Now I am not the need.

I am the want.

Want to be like others.

Now I am Rolex on wrist.

Ripped denim pulled up.

Five inches under legs.

And rayban on face.

I am the slow dislike towards the parents.

I am infatuations turning wild.

I am broken heart and the revenge of its pieces.

I am the darkness on face.

I am demons in head.

I am drugs in veins.

I am madness in mind.

I am love in soul, and storm in the heart.

I am a crumbled paper; everything haphazard.

I am a blur image of your childhood.

I am nothing but your TEENAGE.

I could be a blessing if correctly understood.

But for most I am a curse, for they don’t know my use.

Live me light and let me pass.

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27 Replies to “The Next Stair”

  1. I don’t know what to say…I am just writing a comment and editing it in order to make it as amazing as the post.But I failed.
    It was spectacular!. You are right! Teenage is the duration which either makes you, of breaks you with long term or permanent effects. Fantastically delivered. God bless you. Keep writing such masterpieces.

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