The First Season

​I am an innocent smile of a child’s face.

I am the honest words from the core.

I am the curious eyes which searches for its cloud.

I am the small limbs that want to fly.

I am a sweet heart which pumps for a reason.

I am a cute smile that holds everybody’s hearts.

I am the random search for mother’s love. I am loud cries for food.

I am the curious brain that want to know. 

I am the lovely face that sleeps sound.

I am the energetic heart in search of love.

I am not just a phase.

I am a feeling, I am life, I am your CHILDHOOD.

But once gone will never return.

I will take away with me the innocence, the sweet smile, the loving heart, the curious eyes.

I will take with me your life.

Beware people. 

Don’t be sad.

I can be preserved in your pure hearts.

Be childlike and I will stay.

Be like the rest and I will find my way.


37 Replies to “The First Season”

  1. घूमूँ बावरी बन, छप छप कर भींगू मैं जरा,
    बदरिया झीनी झीनी आज है बरसे
    बचपने को फिर जी भर के, जी लूँ मैं जरा।

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  2. The only time you are most kind, is your childhood! The innocence, the genuineness, the purity and the carefree attitude never really comes back! Out of everything one needs to treasure in journey of life, you must preserve the child inside you.
    Childhood is the most beautiful age of the cycle of life! And your poem was as beautiful! Wonderfully thought and exceptionally presented.
    I am sure,the child inside you is the creator of this masterpiece. Very well done.!

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    1. I agree, when we grow we become strict with ourselves and so that carefree attitude is lost. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to watch the world filled with grownups who are child… Hahaha… Crazy thought…
      Thankyou so much.. 😊

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