I will dare to fly, because I know you will never let me fall. 

I will cry, because I know you will wipe my tears.

I will stand against the world, because I know I have your hand on my shoulders.

I will face the odds, because I know you have trained me enough.

I, dear dad, am your little warrior. With you as my superpower!

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49 Replies to “Superpower!”

  1. Wow! I hope you have shown this to him. He is an amazing human being and a fantastic father.
    He managed to make you a strong, opinionated and decisive person but at the same time he moulded you into a compassionate, loving and responsible girl. You can fly because he has given you wings, you can cry because he has nurtured you and you are a warrior because he is your shield. It’s soo beautiful.
    The best I have read today. Heartfelt! 😊

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    1. No I haven’t shown him this. Everything that I have done and overcome is worthy because it was for him. He is the most strongest person I know. Whenever I feel that I am going to give up because I am reaching the threshold mark, he draws it farther. I am blessed to have him. 😊😊😊 Thankyou so much… I could feel your heart 😍😍


  2. I couldn’t agree more. Whatever you are, whatever you are yet to be is all because of him and for him. He deserves the best version of you.
    I request you to show this to him. He will be happiest to see this. You must see his smile. It’s the cutest. πŸ˜€
    You are undoubtedly blessed to have him but he is really lucky, as well to have such a caring and loving lady in his life. I wish a happy and bigger life for you both. Loads to love to both of you ❀️

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    1. Wow… I love to read stuff about victory of even over odds; life over death; optimism over pessimism. And I am sure you habe a great life because you have coped from whatever haphazard you went through. You are very strong indeed. God bless you dear..😊

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