When you stand more in negative

And everything seems wrong.

When your pain is primitive,

And darkness comes along.

When sun hides behind the cloud,

And sky shows it’s rage.

When your head screams out loud,

And heart finds itself in cage.

When you find the doors closed,

And silence all around.

When hope is decomposed,

And world’s upside down.

You just need to trust-

Yourself or the Lord.

For he would wipe the dust,

And grant you with the sword.

With that you could fight,

Against all the odds.

And make everything right,

Shining in the kingdom of God.

BELIEVE that you will shine.

Because at the end,

Everything’s gonna be fine.


64 Replies to “BELIEVE…”

  1. Believe in something that’s inside you, because that will lead you to the right path. Believe in God, and yourself. It will not lead you astray.

    I was right. Inspiration is born from you. From your works, from your brain,from your heart. Yet again a sensational post. All my words of praise won’t be able to satisfy the happiness.
    I am proud of you fubu for every reason. Keep writing. I loved it. ☺️

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    1. I am glad that you liked it. I know it is difficult; I know it is demanding all your strength. But remember, your first breathe was also painful. Yet you did it. It means you are born with strength and for a purpose. Whatever it is, it will be okay😊
      I will surely check it out. Thankyou ☺

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  2. Inspirational Nd motivating…
    A little different from ur previous posts…
    I love it .😘😘’s amazing that u r showing different layers of ur writing …
    Proud of u..
    Keep it up beta😘😘😘😘

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  3. Powerful! We often underestimate how much power we have. How crucial our belief system especially as it relates to ourselves. More often than not we are the ones who need to change and or transform to get to the next level and or chapter of our lives. Believe in yourself and your abilities trusting that God has a bigger purpose for your life than what your eyes can see. Thank you for sharing. Make today a great one!

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  4. सुन्दर कविता, प्रेरणा दायक शब्द |
    इस उम्र में भी मेरा मनोबल बढ़ा दिया इस उम्दा रचना ने|
    I have become your fan bete, लिखते रहिये |

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      1. Yeah ,sure .I will not mind .I have post it in which you have nominated me .Your question are very good ,if you found any wrong thing plz tell me .I will change it.

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  5. Yeah !! sure .I will not mind .I have post it in which you have nominated me .Your question are very good ,if you found any wrong thing please tell me .I will change it. Always believe to your self that you can do what you want.

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