The Only Weapon…

‘Don’t loose hope dear. You never know what miracle could save you.’ 

‘I am not loosing hope. I have lost my daily life. I have lost my smile. I have lost my health. I have even lost myself. But I have not lost hope yet. When I don’t hesitate in getting up everyday and going through the same pain, I hope. When I don’t leave my studies even after knowing that I may die anytime, I hope. When I manage to smile, even if it’s fake, so that my father doesn’t cry, I hope. I hope in every second of my life. I hope to live. And I will continue hoping. Because that’s the only weapon I have to fight against tumour. And I can’t stop fighting.’ said she to Mia, lying on a MRI table.

Pray for the people who choose to fight against cancer. 

102 Replies to “The Only Weapon…”

  1. There is one thing about this girl which is darn attractive and that is “everything”. You die the day, you lose hope. And you are alive till you are hoping. This girl, I am sure, will live for all years and fulfill her father’s and family’s dreams. I am very very sure.
    I am praying for everyone who is facing cancer. Because they are fighting for life which is becoming worst then death.
    I love you for this. Heartfelt and heart touching. ❀️

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      1. I will be honoured…. Open the web view of the post. Just were the post ends, there will be an option saying wordpress this… Click on it. And rest is similar to posting normally.😊😊

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      1. Yes, I know you are and so am I. But I’ve missed most of your posts because Im not getting notifications. I promise to catch up soon. 😎

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      1. Respect is the first thing we should learn; specially as writers. Politeness and kindness is our soul. Politeness towards nature provides us with great thoughts and politeness towards fellow writers increases our wisdom. This is what I believe. 😊

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  2. Very inspirational and touching. May they always have hope because it is tough fighting for your life each day, the pain and all the other challenges that come it is easy to feel defeated. May God heal them and give them the strength and courage needed to win this battle. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Such a beautiful post.

    The beginning reminded me of a story that I read in 11th, titled ‘We are not afraid to die, if we are together’. That story also advocated Optimism.

    Not only for Cancer, but Optimism, is a weapon for all problems.

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  4. Congratulations for your first “hundred”. You will reach the highest level of successes. Stay blessed and stay very happy. Keep writing. You deserve the sky and beyond. 😊
    Lots of love ❀️

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