Stimulating Sunday

Mother once said,

‘We can never know ourselves enough. Our capabilities are much more than we actually take them to be. There is always a part of our talent that we are unfamiliar with.

‘Therefore, challenge yourself daily. Surprise yourself. Inspire yourself. You are what you want to be. You can do what you think you can’t. You have not searched yourself sincerely. Dig a little deeper. You are yet to be explored. Don’t die without knowing yourself completely.’

Have a nice day.
Happy blogging!


56 Replies to “Stimulating Sunday”

  1. Oh! I’m the first one to comment. Well I’ve always heard this that we are more capable then we think we are capable of doing. If we won’t explore our self we will never get to know ourselves.
    I nice try to motivate people to explore themselves.😘

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  2. Mothers are always right!
    Knowing ourselves is like painting our own life. We know, which colors we want to use, we know what needs to be drawn and how.
    We restrict ourselves by our own. Once the boundaries are extended or removed we are capable of doing what we wouldn’t have thought in our wildest dreams.
    Very inspiring. Good morning and a superb day to you. 😊 Well done! 😊

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      1. Exactly, we often forget that this is our “own life”. We live the way we have been taught to, not as we want to. That often leads to us underestimating our own abilities.
        Good job. ❀️

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  3. I am really sorry, I don’t know your name or I don’t remember itπŸ€”…did you ever tell me?πŸ€”…
    Anyway…as Bhavika said… mothers are always right… I can’t say always but maximum times our elders are right… They have the experience but that’s of their lives and from their time… with time world has changed and so do the problems….so I would say… your mother is right…we do need to explore ourselves and uncover the hidden talents not to prove anything but to know who you really are…

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