Dawn to Dusk…

When the sun peeps through the sea,

The moon gets afraid.

Slowly turns off it’s light and

Lazily tries to escape.

Tearing the clouds apart,

The first orange ray,

Falls on the deep blue sea,

Surviving all through its way.

Water starts to shimmer,

Like golds and diamonds.

In this kind mother nature looks

Pure and adorable.

We see the sun moving,

It is us who actually move.

Making the sun climb,

And then darkness it removes.

On seeing the sun peeping through the clouds,

Birds are now up.

Ready to fight and struggle again

For food and for life.

Calm, stable and holy;

Nature is unblemished fully.

Imaginations and optimism are born,

At this time of dawn.

When arms of clock are straight,

The sun comes overhead.

Blistering with anger,

It becomes scorching red.

Slackly dozing in dreams,

Flying with the clouds.

Playing with the winds,

It hides in the woods.

Now bored in sky,

Tries to run fast.

Dimming it’s wrath,

Happiness now last.

Moon up and sun down,

Dark sky proud with its crown.

All in all coloured as lusk,

This is the time of Dusk.


47 Replies to “Dawn to Dusk…”

      1. See.. It’s okay right. I can’t afford Picasso. So I would instead buy them from my personal Picasso. 😊
        And paintings! Please don’t become proudy! πŸ˜‚ okay.. Now please paint them for me. β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜€

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