Just a thought… If I am free to think.

Loving oneself is not a sin. It is like appreciating God’s creation. It is like doing what is right. It can be being selfish to someone. But it is never wrong. It may hurt some people, but if they are capable of it, they will understand. And if not, you will have to understand that, sometimes loving oneself means being alone. 

Good luck!โ˜บ


21 Replies to “Just a thought… If I am free to think.”

  1. Its a tough choice to call a peraon who loves himself a selfish person. I have never understood the concept of selfishness really. Y is it unfair for a person to put himself above everything else. Afterall at the end its only himself whose goin to go with him when the time comes. So y call someone selfish for doing what he wants to.

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  2. Well said bud! But self loving or prioritizing is very important I believe! And I strong feel only when one respects himself and loves his work he learns to respect the world around him and loves each bit of it. My view not a statement.

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