Paranormal love…

Far, far, far, away.

Hazy, black, dull and dead,

No lights, but darkness layed.
She and the girl played,

Sitting in a corner with crossed leg.

She wanders in pitch black space.

The girl giggles and she chase.

Then stops the girl with a gleam,

She meets her daughter daily in her dream.


25 Replies to “Paranormal love…”

  1. Hey there, I am sure you will read it after 12 am. So here I am wishing you a very happy first WordPress anniversary.
    I still remember how it all started here. I am not surprised that you are here with such fame. You were always so amazing and precise with your work. The memories with you on WordPress are still crystal clear that it feels like it all happened just yesterday.
    I am very very sure that there is an endless series of successes for you on your way. You are blessed with amazing talents and vision.
    You were phenomenal this year. And I wish you keep shining for all upcoming years. All the very best for future journey. I wish you all the happiness, Goodness and satisfaction for life.
    Of all the special days I have in my list, 1st June will always be uniquely special and important. Keep writing, keep painting and keep blogging. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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