A Sinner

You saw her and gave your heart.

She refused, but you tried hard.

It was not like she didn’t love you.

Just unable to realise, what’s wrong and what’s true.

You tried your best.

And gave up on rest.

You promised her happiness.

And protection from heinous.

She fought with her brain
And thus her heart won.

She finally agreed to your love.

And looked for days upcoming.

Initially you stood on your troth.

There was love, excitement and teas hot.

Then you started to show your colours,

Cunningly and shamelessly removed your covers.

She was happy when you were far.

Why did you come and gave her the scar?

How will she manage when you will be gone?

She need to accept that you were a con.

You played with her; she let you win.

You stabbed her and she cried with a grin.

You raped her and used her.

Everyone warned her.

But she turned a deaf ear.

After everything you did, she still had hope,

That you would come back, and she would cope.

After betraying and breaking her so badly,

You think that you are a man and a winner.

But after what you have done and lost,

You are no less than a sinner.


36 Replies to “A Sinner”

  1. I feel so insufficient in myself to comment upon such wonderful poem. You manage to make me amazed everytime.
    You are right. Love is not so important these days. To one, love is life and to other its just a word to be played with. Relationships are made out of convenience. You stay with a person until your motive is achieved and then you leave, leaving someone shattered, broken and lifeless. And the title is best of all. “THE SINNER.”

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    1. No I don’t agree. Not everybody is a cheater. Not everybody plays. Maybe they thought of your happiness and leaving was the way of keeping you safe. After all it is better to leave than to cheat.
      In this poem I only spoke about a group who takes things very lightly. And sadly that group is crowded. But not all are the same. It is not like “everybody who is leaving is a sinner”. It is just us who need to understand them.

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      1. It is neither better to leave and nor to cheat. After all, things can be sorted and cleared out. Some decisions require both of partner’s agreement. Only one can not decide and implement. When you leave somebody, without even a proper closure they doubt their own worth? And that’s far more than what I call. Worst. You create a void which turns them lifeless. Sometimes, when you leave for making people happy in the most improper way , you instead make them dead. And the world needs to know that.
        Leaving someone for their happiness and for keeping them safe is not as selfless as it sounds. It’s rather fatal!

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      2. There are many thoughts to be rechecked. And many things to be kept. All I want to say is, wait. Life explains everything. And till then you have all rights to be happy yourself. But they are not the sinner; I am sure of it. Somethings should be kept for time to unclose.


  2. Sandali !!!!! Yr (bear me for this) i m speechless , emotions are at best in this poem ……u wrote it so realistic and obviously so beautifully also ❤ great work dear, keep this going on 🙂 and keep smiling

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    1. Hey Rohit,
      (I don’t know your age, but I will call you by your name because you are my friend now. Hope you don’t mind.)
      Feedbacks are always welcomed. So I don’t bear the readers. You all make my WordPress family.
      Thankyou for appreciating. It will help me grow as a writer. Thankyou so much☺

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      1. Thank you so much for the request but I can’t accept it yet because I think I don’t have the confidence yet to show you my blog. I will improve it first. I really appreciate you and your writings. Thanks!

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      2. Heyy Jessica,
        I am sure you are good at whatever you are doing. Have faith in yourself. We are just another bloggers like you, who are nobody to judge your or anybody’s blog… Wish to be able to see your blog soon.
        Best wishes😊

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