Can it be this way?#07

My mother once told me, “the path you take for your happiness is often diverted in the wrong direction by the society. It simply depends upon you that, will it affect you or not?” I think I was too small to understand it then. By the time I reached my sweet sixteen and lost my mother to death, this thing was quite clear to me. 

But one thing that I can never understand is that, why is society so interested in my life? Do you also question this? Sometimes I laugh it out. But sometimes it irritates me and make me think. Think alot!

And after doing a lot of thinking, I reached to the conclusion that I can never reason the back biting that people do behind me when I wear a short skirt. I can never understand the various faces that my neighbours make on listening to any of my achievements. I can never excuse them for speaking about my character, just by seeing me with a boy. I can never forgive them for making my father shout at me for laughing loudly.
I know there are many articles like these out there. I also know that I am not a great speaker and I can probably not inspire much people. But I have a request to make. Be a good member of this society. 
We often say that we don’t care what the society says. But believe me you care. You listen to them and somewhere change according to them. To all the members of the society (if you are?), can other’s happiness not make you jealous? Can you not learn to appreciate your fellow members?

If there is any another world out there, I pray that it has no society. I pray that there is no jealousy and nobody is insecure with anybody’s success. 

Can it be this way? 

Think. We still have time.

I would love to hear from you. What do you think about our society? Does it need to change or have I just hyped it? 

Leave your comments.


17 Replies to “Can it be this way?#07”

  1. I agree with the concept that we all care! We all care what others( members of society) think, say or talk about us. Not to deny, it affect us in a sense. Society is made up of individuals and individuals are made up of uniqueness. And it needs to be understood.
    We should never set a benchmark for fellow mates of society. If we don’t learn to accept people with their flaws, we would presumably never be able to rectify ours! I hope the term society that is, different forms of people living together with their own essence, is well known to people.
    All I would like to say to you is you can wear what you want, you can laugh out a loud, you can be with anybody you want to, because you are an individual first and then a member of society.
    I must admit that this is the best part of the series. I loved it the most. I am simply stunned by what you write, and the way you write. Keep up the good work.! God bless.!

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    1. Yes. And not only me, everybody is allowed to live like they want to. Flaws are just the part of your life. If you are cutting out your flaws because of somebody else, you are cutting out parts of your life. It is all about not letting them affect you because they (the society) will never work according to you.
      Thankyou, your thoughts are amazing. Happy blogging. Stay blessed!

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  2. So many people have so many things to say…..I simply quote it that yes our society need to be changed…..

    And sandali Singh this was very different and new from ur previous posts….keep it up beta..😘😘

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  3. I believe that society will change only when the mentality of people will change and that starts with individual beliefs and moral concept we make in our mind… rather than changing complete society we should change thinking of individuals first

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  4. In order not to feel bad about somebody else thinks you must have a strong self-assessment and belief that the unique you is the only way you can be. It’s also sometimes that we interpret looks or words not exactly as they were meant. When you walk down the street, is it so that everybody is looking straight at you and judging? Sometimes people are so overwhelmed with their personal troubles and thoughts that they don’t even see you.
    The impression we create certainly depends on us. Being different and going against the stream takes courage and ability to stand above somebody’s judgement. While everybody said they were not going with the stream when I had published a small poem about that subject, in fact, you will see how practically 95% of people go WITH the mainstream assumptions and generally accepted truth. Why otherwise so many WordPress posts would be just re-publications of something which has been repeated on the internet for some million times? It is much safer so to speak to fit in than to to stand out. Society nowadays puts a big pressure on everybody to comply. If you do not comply, count on reaction which might be not pleasant at all. Good luck!


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