The ocean.

No voice could give her the cure for her despair.

No prayer could change her surrounding air.

No music could grant peace to her spirit.
No lyric could equate to the amount of pain she was tolerating.

No being could bring back her hopes.
No medicine could cure her dying soul.

Nobody could do what the ocean did to her.
She wept beside it and her sufferings seamed to blur.

With every wave that emerged, her rage rose along.
With every resting wave her miseries were gone.

When the sun shimmered on the water her soul got enlightened.
By the time it slipped in water, her mind and heart were reunited.


18 Replies to “The ocean.”

  1. So you want to nail the ocean…hahaha…..whenever i happen to see this behemoth of nature I am mesmerized by its optimism and pessimism, its gentleness and its brusqueness, its coolness and its tides, its stillness and its turbulence, its readiness to accept and reject…what a character…nice write up…continue your good work dear…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am actually obsessed with water bodies. I envy fishes who get live in it. This is insane but yess, I wish to buy a house near a beach in diu… And it is rightly said “nature is the best therapy”.
      Thankyou. Keep visiting…


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