My Invisible Half.

Tip toed it came to me and sneeked under my covers.

‘coz it was dark I couldn’t see, it’s shape or it’s colours.

It could be mighty as mountains, or tiny as a rock.

But it happens to be with me everywhere; sleep, run or during walks.

No matter how much I run away, I kind of carry it along.

It has become sheer inseparable by being with me for so long.

It shelters me, protects me and lend space for my tears. 

It scares me, haunts me and makes me face my fears.

It is nothing to be seen with eyes open wide.

But with eyes closed, it happens to be by my side.

One day I got frustrated and screamed at invisibility.

‘Show up’ I called dementedly.

It played itself in front of me and revealed itself at last.

It came close and whispered to me, ‘I am your past’.


30 Replies to “My Invisible Half.”

  1. So true..”past never dies and can never be forgotten the only thing we can do is to accept and move forward in life.”It haunts you, gives you strength, it makes you smile and also causes pain. But even after that you need to move forward. And you, my strong lady, you did that. It’s just marvelous. When such a masterpiece is the first thing i came across in the morning, I am sure it’s going to be a good day. So proud of you. 🙂 :-*

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    1. “people take past as something to be forgotten. I take is as something to remember always” 🙂 but yes it is all about moving forward.
      Woww… This was great. Thank-you so much. I don’t coincidence with one thing there. 😀 😀 😀 You know what. Heeee… :-* :-* :-*

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      1. I know what.. But I don’t agree as usual. But I love you the most. In dark and in light. Even when the past haunts you or future calls you. I’ll be there. I wasn’t there in your past but I will try my level best to make your present and our future a little better for you. :-*

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  2. Beautifully expressed the universal truth…
    “… or tiny as a rock..”
    Rock appears as big sturcture in my mind. Perhaps you could use stone or pebble in place of rock.
    But it’s poetry. So nothing much!

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  3. Wow! No wonder you write so well. It’s in you. For now, the past, yes it never goes away, it might fade a bit but never completely goes. You portrayed it so well sometimes it makes us feel better sometimes we drown in it. Well done. Keep going! 😘

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  4. Not bad sandali.. you are right we should never forget our past it reminds us how fake ppl are and how cruel life can be and how imp it is to be aware of all this …. very well written
    It seems your writing is the answer to all the problems I’ve have ever come across

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    1. Past unfolds many solutions for air current problems. They may not make you happy but they are surely teaching you something. And I think that is more important. Thank-you for reading. I am happy that it helped.


  5. Past is Present.
    History repeats itself is a common notion when something bad in the history repeats itself in the present. But, actually it is not the history that repeats itself, it is actually us people who make the history repeat because we forget, we forget to learn from our mistakes.

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  6. A beautifully chronicled thought….past..remembrances good or bad is a part and parcel of your life.and all the past depends upon how you deal it in present and how it affects your future…thanks for a nice post…

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    1. I agree with you.Memories, good or bad, all depends upon how we are capable of accepting it. It is us who decide whether it will affect our present or not. And it is us who can prevent our past from ruining our future.
      Thankyou for such great words.


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