A letter.

Dear maa,

My best friend says that you have never left me. You are here in front of us. You get happy with me, and cry with me. My brain never allows me to believe her. But since I trust her, I am writing this, in a hope that you will read it.

How are you mother? It has been four years now. Four years of craving, crying and missing. I miss you mumma. I miss you alot. Nothing can take away that pain. Nothing can stop that craving for you. 

Initially it was very difficult. It was difficult to stop the tears from finding it’s way out of the eyes. It was difficult to look at paa, because his eyes made me cry. It was difficult to accept that you have left. And that I can never touch you again and never listen to your voice. It is hard to realise that the person whom you need the most is gone. No one can take your place mom. I love you alot.

Don’t worry mumma. I know dad misses you alot. And he cries in solitude. But he is being very strong. He is playing the roles, yours and his, both very well. I promise you that I will take care of him. Your son misses you too. He never shows it, but I know how much he needs you.

And for me, you don’t have to worry at all. Dad takes care of me. And now I have the angel you sent for me as my best friend. She is looking after me. She says you are in a better place. And I am sure you are.

We all are coping, managing and living, mumma. I just want you to bless us all.

Trying to become like you.




41 Replies to “A letter.”

  1. I am speechless.Since this kid in front of me suddenly gets so sensible,I am always surprised .You are the most strongest person I ever came across.The most beautiful soul that was ever created.
    Your mother is very very proud of you.And so am I.
    Dear aunty,
    YESS I do convey your msgs to her and being the good child that she is, she listens to me and inturn you.She is taking care of everybody and I’ll take care of her.I am never leaving her hand.

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  2. such a beautiful letter sandali….i too lost my mom 3 yrs back and the shock was so severe that my solitude gave birth to my first book”Sushmaanjali” where sushma is the name of my mom .She is guiding force and the more my destiny changes ,the more i believe in her.I can feel her everywhere.B strong dear

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  3. Yes it has been four years and I have seen you grow since then, it was so hard and yet you denied to show it and feel yourself weaker. You are really a strong person, very strong. You know your mother is really very proud of you. I too miss her a lot and I do know she is around us and knows each and everything. Trust me she is there when you are sad , when you are happy, when you succeed in each small thing, when you achieve something, each and every time she is there.
    Love you bro and always will!

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    1. That belief is the only thing I have that keeps me going. Only you are that one person that is the source of all the things needed to live; hope, dreams and peace. I will not say thankyou. Rather I would thank my mother for sending you.๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜โค

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