Who are we?

See the nature is being insane,

By seeing it’s children in pain.

Palliating it’s anger and strain.

Choosing to subdue through rain.

See, my Lord is crying again.

It is else’s ail that he is feelin’.

Maybe we killed a child in the womb.

Or pulled down a life, let us assume.

Probably saw a crime in the neighbor.

Girl being undressed in front of the abuser.

Somewhere death overcame hunger.

Somewhere life gave up in anger.

Someone found life in death.

Someone fell short of breath.

We parted the lovers, killed an innocent or cut down the trees.

God is weeping for mercy. Please!

Don’t provoke him to show his rage.

He will not suffer for our mistakes.

Stop today and conclude it now.

It is not yours. It’s his anyhow.

Dear humans,

I hope that we deserve to be called by that name. But are we still human?

We have turned insanely wild, monstrously destructive and pathetically inhuman. We were supposed to live a human life. God named us human because he made us one. Human- who is kind, lawful, apparently different from an animal.

It is high time now. All of the nature is pleading us to be what we are meant to be. God has given us enough chances. Let us change before he decides to change.


A human.


12 Replies to “Who are we?”

  1. Amazing! We all have two paths, the best one which has lots and lots of ups and downs and thus hard to take, and the other one the worst one which seems too tempting and damn easy to pass through and thus people opt it and ruin not only themselves but their surroundings as well.

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