Can it be this way?#06

​India- the word filled with respect, pride, honour, vivacity, secularism, beauty, incredibility and most important, equality. India is not just a country. It is not just a word. It is a feeling, that I have been experiencing from the day I was born and would love to experience for the rest of my life. 

I have grown twenty seeing the various colours of India. I have seen India of saffron colour, whenever I see the strength and courage of my soldier brothers. I have also seen India white, when I see peace and prosperity among people. I have seen India green, when I look at the green stretches of fertility and growth smiling at me. I have seen India blue, when I look at the sky over my head. These colours make me proud. These colours give me goosebumps. These colours make me salute.

But, despite these colours, I have also seen India red, when the uncle from within a car brings his head out to spit tobacco. Yes I have seen India red. But this colour doesn’t calms me. Rather it makes me angry. It makes me sad. It makes me very sad. 

Uncleanliness is the major problem of my country India. People of my country eat something that they are eventually going to spit. So why do they eat? Why did you put it in mouth, if you ultimately wanted to spit it? Isn’t it completely insane?

I am continuously saying ‘my’ country and ‘my’ people because I somewhere hold myself responsible for the uncleanliness. I could have been the one who could have raised her voice against it. But, I didn’t. It could have been me. But I didn’t stop any uncle from doing that. It is me who led my country down. I take up that responsibility. 

Why can’t we just say no to throwing garbage in open? Why can’t we take some trouble and help our government in making India clean? Why can’t we teach rural area people, the importance of cleanliness? Why can’t we walk some more to throw the garbage in dustbin? Why can’t we quit spitting anywhere in the open? Why can’t we use toilets for eliminating our dirt? 

By standing together as one we can bring a change. Let us be the beginning. Let the world follow us. I promise that I will, no more be a dumb viewer of these things. I will speak against it. Yes I will bring a change. Will you?

Because I know, my India was great and will always be great. 

Can it be this way?

Please share your views.

जहाँ हर चीज़ है प्यारी।

सारे चाहत के पुजारी।

प्यारी सबकी ज़ुबान है।

वही मेरा हिन्दुस्तां है।।

जहाँ मिलकर रहते है सभी।

कुछ गलत ना कहते है कभी।

जहाँ गंगा है, यमुना है और नील आसमाँ है।

वही मेरा हिन्दुस्तां है।।

यूँ तो है सबसे निराला।

पर हो जाती है कभी-कभी भूल।

कर देते है धरती माँ को गन्दा।

अपने संस्कार जाते है हम भूल।

हमने की है गलतियां तो हम ही सुधारेंगे।

माफ़ी मांगने में नहीं हम कतराएंगे।

आज से गन्दगी के खिलाफ हम आवाज़ उठाएंगे।

और अपनी भारत माँ को फिर से सजाएंगे।।

कही पे नदियांं बलखाएंगी।

तो कही पंछी इत्राएंगे।

सवच्छता की ओर कदम हम बढ़ाएंगे।

क्योंकि यही हमारी दिवाली, ईद और यही हमारा र्रमज़ान है।

वही मेरा हिन्दुस्तां है।।

जय हिंद।



23 Replies to “Can it be this way?#06”

  1. This post is superb 🙂 You just nailed it through your writting 😉 Very well expressed 🙂 And being Indian this is really inspiring in true sense 🙂 Thank you for sharing these 😉

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  2. You realy nailed it…the poem at last added all the flavours to it…I love hindi poems a lot…Grt work there…People both in villages as well in cities need to brng a change

    Liked by 1 person

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