Bones of steel and a heart of stone…

He fell from his bed, coughing and screaming in pain. He held his stomach and was howling, moving all over the marble floor. Bouts of cough and these restless nights were not new for him. But that day he felt extreme of everything. Coughs were not dry; he puked blood. His stomach ache was unbearable as if someone had tore it apart, ripped it out and had hung it to dry. His brain was a little more adamant that day. It imprudently forced him for the same thing again and again. 
He somehow managed to get up, soaked in blood, and rang the bell twice. Nobody came. He was seldom left alone, lonely in that room. He would cough, scream and also cry. His body would shiver. Convulsions, vomiting and then drowsiness- these were the basic symptoms of what he was going through. He also tried running once. But unfortunately got caught in the lobby. Nobody attended him; not because the hospital authority didn’t want him to live or not because they were careless. But, entering his room meant, going through alot; pleadings, cries, shouts, anger and sometimes blood and fightings also- like that night. 
After all who wishes to mess with a patient suffering from withdrawal symptoms?
His pleadings and cries made the doctors more affirmed. They lowered his level of sedatives also. But somewhere or the other his doctors also gave up on him. His craving were impeccably unwanted by everybody. Doctors felt bad but they were helpless. He was taken for battery of tests daily, all saying the same thing. DEATH. Medications and therapies had severely failed. All his nerves wanted were marijuana, weed or correct proportions of alcohol. His brain always desired for a line of cocaine. 
Everybody knew that it was impossible for any doctor to bring him back to normal. After all everything has a limit. And his liver’s limit was crossed. Hepatic encephalopathy – this is what his reports file read. This is what he was suffering from. Four years of continuous smoking, drinking and weeds was enough for his liver and lungs to give up. 
Four years of engineering gave him enough opportunities to become an experienced druger from an intelligent child. A child who once searched for shops of books, now knew every market and drug dealer. From filling the papers with notes to filling the papers with weeds, son of a clerk grew. 
Getting fucked up, accidents, waking up in hospitals, bandages, broken bones put together with rods, healing and then getting fucked up- this became a daily routine for him and his friends. 
Friends who didn’t even know where he was. Friends who didnt care about him. Friends who joined him in his drinking sessions. Friends who creased cocaines for him. Friends who wrote their death sentences together. But, also friends who did not join in his death time.
But now everything is okay. The pain is gone. The room is now silent. No screams and cries are now heard. Nobody pleads the doctor. But now everything is okay. He is dead now. His hepatic encephalopathy killed him. He doesn’t feel now. 
The time his pains ended, his parents suffering started. His mother, a housewife, cried alot.  She could not control herself. His father, beating his forehead, sat on the bench. They could not believe it. After all he was his only son. No matter how much of a disgrace he was to them, he was his only child. He was now dead. All their aspirations were dead. Their love, care, late night wakings for their children, their hope, their only child was dead now. The world lost a druger. The parent lost their life. He died.

“What kind of a life is this?

Family’s respect and grace burns with cigarette. Dreams, aspirations and hopes are blown up with smoke. Lives are taken away with ash.

Is it so difficult to accept the reality that some choose to escape from it? People who do drugs think that cocaine takes away pain. But not only that, dear friends. Cocaine takes away joy, hopes, dreams, brains and finally your soul.

Each crease of cocaine draws a line between you and your life. Don’t make your own life difficult. It is always our choice to say NO. Be the change. Say no to it. Today and from now. Choose life over drugs. Choose life over death. Life can take you higher than drugs. Trust yourself.”

Make yourself better than bones of steel and a heart of stone.

“***You don’t need heroine to look a hero***”
“*** I have 100 problems. But drugs isn’t one***”

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