Sitting alone in an evening.

Over a mountain top.

Admiring the lost canopy.

In the cloudy fog.
Eyes staring among the scenes

Searching for something lost.

Confused in predicament,

Brimming with water, eyes became soft.
Wiping away all the thoughts,

With the falling tears.

I closed my eyes, and hoped,

To shut all my fears.
A wave of life came from somewhere far.

Touched my soul, and filled my brain.

Frowning, I opened my eyes,

And could see my whole life again.
There I was, seeing myself small.

Struggling to walk and crying when fall.
How immaturely I used to cry?

How shamelessly I used to smile?

How frankly I used to speak?

Woww, my emotions were versatile.
The face which hides everything now.

Was then a reflecting mirror.

Hands that are now only mine,

Were once a helping admirer.
I want to be careless again.

Shamelessly want to swing like then.

Proudly want to be selfish.

Enjoy without drugs in vein.
Where did I lost you, O little me?

Why did you disappear with that innocence?

You cannot vanish so easily.

Please give me back that ambiance.
Give my childhood back to me.

I didn’t value it enough.

So successful now; still begging.

For life which was not tough.


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