Can it be this way?#04

โ€‹Society– a group of people living together in a more or less ordered community formed for a particular purpose or activity. Enough?
NO! Surely not. The makers of our society brought us together as a community. But they never spoke anything about the need of a society. 

Why do we actually need a society? Why are we incapable of living alone? 

Why is it so difficult to break the monotony a society has set and grow as an individual and not as a community?

Have you ever thought, how the roots of this so called society has been laid? On what criteria did they made up all the humdrum ideas that they wish their members to follow?

In my understanding, it is all based on conveniences. Things and culture that was easy to adopt still prevails in the “to do” list. While others have been neglected. In a family function, a girl is made to wear traditional clothes, while nobody cares about the men’s attire. Maybe because wrapping dhoti and wearing kurta would be a little difficult. Right? 

Who gets to decide this? Who gets the right to decide that a girl should wear according to others, while a boy is free to dress as he wishes? 

No readers! This is not about only a dress. This is about all the injustice being done in the name of tradition, by our society. 

As a member of one such society, I desperately wish and hope that each member gets to speak equally; be it a man or a woman.

Why is it that always we have to accept the society? Can this society not accept us as we are?

Can it be this way?


Please share your views.


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