O people! O people!

Why do you cry?
You have know parents.

And a bed to lie.
You have a roof.

Under this beautiful sky.
A sibling, a pet.

And all money to even fly.
O people! O people! 

What a plight?
You have the day.

And still cry for the light.
You have eyes to see.

 And limbs to climb the height.
You have ears to listen.

And still everything is quiet.
O people! O people! 

How sad do I feel? 
After seeing your struggle.

For bread, butter and meal.
Have you ever seen?

A one month new in an orphanage.

A seven year old there,
Smiles with a spark.

He has nobody of his there.

Still he feels un caged.
That little girl that waves,

A hello gaily.

Does she even know you?

Who are you to her?

But she still manages to smile bravely.
Why can’t we learn?

To be like them.

To look at each other,

And smile with some flame?
Burn that little infatuations,

And the love for the illusory world.

We are humans, not born for luxuries.

We are humans born to love all.

Do visit them. And share your most precious thing. YOUR TIME.That is all they need.

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