NEXT LIFE! Yours forever

If you are to be a flower,

Let me be the thorn.

Every plucking hands,

Must be cut and worn.
If you are to be a star.

I will be the sky,

For whenever you will show up.

Surrounding you, I will lie.
If you are to be a tree,

I will be the nest,

And remain there forever

Even when the birds have left.
It’s your wish. Be whatever.

You will find me there,

Standing and smiling with you,

For we will be known together.


10 Replies to “NEXT LIFE! Yours forever”

  1. You were right when you said that it feels beautiful to be a part of someone’s words.Wherever I am I will always want to be surrounded by you.You are my sky,you protect me always. I love you soo much.It feels so special to have you in my life as my favourite human.❤😘😘

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      1. Oh I did nt realize that u thought that way…honestly nobody bothers to read another post completely and leave comments. . Leave alone sarcastic comments… I value my readers so I try my best to read their post… Anyway no problem

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