Scream loud and shed the tears.                   Be difficult, but be clear.        
In isolation and during pain.                         During summers and in rain.                    

Love yourself with passion,                           Believe that you could believe,                 And rise up the hill with motivation.

You have been betrayed and stabbed.         You have been loved and slapped.               You had the most difficult time.                 You hate them who were once prime.

But close your eyes, and travel in time.     You were not born with wounds.                 And loving is not a crime.

You can live again.                                         You are just on west.                                       You need to find your east.

Push the sea and rise with the light.         Slide the cloudy curtains,                             And see the life so bright.

For life is not a joke,                                       And surely not a serious book.

Life is like a cup of tea.                                   Refused by some,                                           But tasted by everybody.


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