Have you ever wondered?

How creative it would be,

For the god to give each one of us,

The life we actually live.
God is like a textile worker,

With thousands of consignments to be delivered daily.

Each of it being unique,

Each of it to be made differently.
The soul of the body is taken to be a cloth.

Rinsed and washed to remove the previous dirt.

So that new colour can easily emerge.
Then he dries it under the sun.

Where soaking of love and care is done.
Then the colours of happiness fills the cloth.

And different shades of emotions are poured from the pot.
Prints of sadness misery and difficulties,

Are important and somewhere necessary.
Decorated with frills of adventures

And shimmered with beautiful features.
This is how your life is laid.

This is how FABRIC OF LIFE is made.


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