Can it be this way?#03


India is a country of conveniences. Indian society works according to the convenience of the people ruling the society. And so, as per their convenience, a girl can be made goddess laxmi anytime, and the next moment, a permanent maid for their house. 

No matter how much we brush our minds and try to think broad, some stereotyped beliefs are really unavoidable. 

For example, among so many siblings, why only a girl is expected to pick all the tea cups? Why is a girl supposed to talk softly? Why do you call your daughter to mop the floor whenever you spill your coffee? Why is a girl judged over the cooking skills she has? Why is your sister not allowed to wear a skirt? Why do you tell her to maintain her figure?
Let her scream, she may be hurt.
Let her shout, she may be angry.

Let her laugh, she may be happy.

Let her eat, she may be hungry.

Let her wear what she wants, she may be comfortable.

Let her live, she is a human.

She has emotions. Don’t try to stop her emotions in the name of gender. She is a human first. She can scream her lungs out. She can dance until her bones break. She has a heart like every boy. 

Please share your views.


15 Replies to “Can it be this way?#03”

  1. The stereotyping. Tell me about it. Though we have come a long way, that specific mindset of people are still there who keep curbing the girls all around. We talk about equality and all that, but then again we don’t actually follow it.

    Great post and even greater words in the little poetry there.
    Keep writing. 🙂

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    1. You are right. When I sat to write about it I realised that there is no girl in India who can actually call herself self dependent completely. No matter how successful she becomes, she will always consider it her duty to put the used cups in the sink. No boy or man think this way. I didn’t want to change anything. Neither I wanted to prove something to the world, but it is a small topic to be thought about. Isn’t it? Thankyou for appreciation.

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      1. The world is gradually changing and people in it as well. The women are becoming more self independent than they had been before the past decade. But then again there’s this society that pulls them down, somehow. It’s quite disheartening to see and even more painful when we can’t do much about it.
        It is actually a burning topic to be thought about and to find a better solution to this.

        Oh, it’s my pleasure. 😀

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  2. This is so relatable, I cannot fully recount the number of times my sister and I have had these discussions with our parents.
    I believe these rotten tradition perpetuates because it is convenient- make sure that females are weak so that they accept the male supremacy.
    I do not belong to an orthodox household, but even then, I’ve been told not to wear “knee-high” skirts or “noodle straps” when outside. It’s frustrating and wrong, but who stands with us in this? No one, because females judge other females by the same standards.
    Society is a crazy breed!

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    1. I think that females are the strongest among all the members of this hollow society. If together, we can surely make a change… We don’t make a larger crowd than men. But we still have that power to bring a change. All the best in life. And happy reading 😊


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