Can It Be This Way?#02

Each one of us are grown, watching the heroes fighting with the villains for his love. One who can jump from fifty feets and land safely and fly over twenty buildings is a superhero. We all have imagined ourselves under those costumes atleast for once. Each of us have a heroic character in our lives- who is our saviour; a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character. 

We always imagine a hero as a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. On the other hand when we hear the word heroine, we imagine a girl in short skirt, high heals, walking down the ramp in 2 inches of makeup. Has it never grabbed your attention? Is it not worth pondering? Maybe it is not. But while reading this, give it a thought. Click on search images and type heroine and hero separately and see the difference in the meaning of gender opposite words, yourself.

Even a girl who is brave is called a “hero”. “P.V. Sindhu and Sakshi are the recent INDIAN HEROES” says the media. The word hero has become the symbol of bravery and courage. While we have made the word heroine represent the week and vulnerable lot. In this era of equality among humans, let’s first make the words equal. Let us change the concept of heroine to the extend that when you picture a heroine you see a confident girl, fighting the evils and being able to take care of herself. Can we stop playing with words? Can we break the monotony? Can it be this way?πŸ˜‰

Please share your views.

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