Can it be this way? #01

“Darkness never haunts. Fear of darkness does.”

​There is a long list of monotonous and humdrum beliefs that we humans tend to follow. Regardless of the facts, we still believe and rely on the old fashioned notions. As humans we are not at fault. This is simply called the human tendency; inertia of life.

As kids, atleast for once, we all were frightened at the name of darkness. “Don’t trouble else I will lock you in the restroom with lights off”, this is what our parents used to say.
Isn’t it ironic? We fear the same darkness in which we tend to sleep; eyes closed and brain at rest. I mean that is the time we are most vulnerable and easy, but we still prefer darkness to sleep. We are most peaceful at night and yet we consider darkness, as a symbol for fear, death, loneliness and negativity. When we are sad or afraid, we fill the canvas with black colour. All the ghosts and monsters are imagined in dark. Darkness is a word often misused. It is like an innocent being charged guilty. 

On one hand where ” the brightest smile” sounds so good, there on the other hand “the darkest smile” is an offensive proverb.

According to me, the darkest nights have seen the brightest stars. Darkness has witnessed the most loyal conversation. It has given birth to the wisest thoughts. Darkness has seen the most honest tears. 
We just need to break the monotony and start to see the world from a different angle. Darkness is not the metaphor for pessimism. Can’t it be treated as optimistically as the word brightness. Like the “darkest brightness”. Darkness is a friend that leads you to light. All you need to do is hold its hands and trust on it. There is beauty even in darkness. Just believe and observe.
Please share your views.

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present”-Francis Bacon

22 Replies to “Can it be this way? #01”

  1. This time I am not the first one to comment,but I am proud of you.
    And this time I am very proud of myself that I could see your abilities matter how bad of a day I have this article will lead to the light.
    Thank you.😘

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  2. Hey this was amazing! I loved every word and I was sooo happy to find that someone finally acknowledges darkness. Maybe write about the bright side of dark souls as well, now that u have embarked ln this journey. Also try your pen more often with prose, you are as good at it as in poetry. Good luck(((:

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