Defined Positivity…

Not all the wounds are meant to be healed.

Not all the tears are meant to be sealed.
Not all the mountains demand to be searched.

Not all the thoughts can be forced to march.
Not all the days shine the same way.

Not all the brains can overcome the dismay.
Not all the flowers are blessed to blossom.

Not all the souls should be like some.
Not all the roads are meant to be right.

Not all the nights have the same light.
Not all the eyes are blessed with dreams.

Not all the hopes are kept; it seams.
Not all the people could experience ardor.

Not all the journey takes you farther.
Not all the days are meant to be yours.

Not all the words that are spoken, cures.
This day may also pass.

That rock will also bear some grass.
This is the circle of life.

Yesterday was his, today will be MINE

“When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”- Elvis Presley

33 Replies to “Defined Positivity…”

  1. Well written. Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself over here at the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog really enjoyed reading your verse. Thank you for posting and for adding a bit of spice to our day. Mr Midnight says meow, Sir Winston pur pur and I send a plain old “thank you”.

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  2. You are already a very fine poet. I believe poets are born with a deep sensitivity to express what they see, feel, and hear with a profound clarity of thought, expressed in idealized forms. Defined Positivity is of this idealized form. Beautiful.

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    1. Oh my god. This is like dream come true. When I created this blog, I had a vague idea that I must write. I never knew I would get so good response. For beginners like me, comments from experienced bloggers like you means alot. I am really obliged.

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