Six feet in length,

And head held high.

Built up of strength,

And had sparkling eye.
Honest is his tongue,

Pure is his mind.

Thinking is always young,

And is always kind.
Standing on the scale reading zero,

He stepped forward in positive.

He came out as a hero,

With success as his motive.
With seven promises and lots of love,

He was now tied with a lady.

With happiness in air and money in pockets,

He enjoyed his life fully.
They both added life to days,

And lived those days together.

Happiness and prosperity,

Was all that mattered.
But god wrote something else,

In the days upcoming.

Cloud moved fast,

And covered the sun smiling.
God played his game.

The Queen and The King were parted.

What was heaven’s aim,

With what situation he was granted.
Tears all around,

And sadness in the air.

Shattered was his heart,

And he got lost somewhere.
After dying for some days,

He woke up again.

Thinking about the future,

His heart was afraid.
He summed up all the courage,

And supported his children.

Made his heart strong,

And fake smile was done.
Ready to walk and ready to crawl,

Move forward, but never fall.
Clever and courageous like a fox,

I know a MAN OF ROCKS.

I know a MAN OF ROCKS.




19 Replies to “MAN OF ROCKS”

  1. प्रिय संदली बेटी खुश रहो।
    मै उस # 6< फुट को जानता हूँ,
    बहुत नजदीकी से पहचानता हूँ;
    वाकई बहुत ही मन से मजबूत है,,
    हर हाल मे जीना जानता,
    तकलीफों को मुकद्दर का दिया मानता है,
    हर किसी की मदद करना जानता हैं ।।

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