A Tribute To Mother! 

Yes, I love you.

In the warmth of your arms I grew.
You made me experience, love, soo true.

You protected me from all odd.
You were an angel from god.

You were the queen bee of my hive.
You taught me to live.
You taught me to give.
You taught me to do my shoe.
Yes, I love you.

You were difficult to understand.
Sometimes rough like sand.
Sometimes amazing like a magic wand.

You were the key to my happiness.
Your absence leads to sadness.
You tolerated all my madness.
Still, your complaints were few.
Yes, I love you.

One fine day you left me alone.
Leaving me to moan, in a dark zone.

Sad was the environment around.
Boat of my life had drowned.
Echoing, was the sound-
God! Why she died soo new? 
Yes, I love you.

Yes, I love you.


58 Replies to “A Tribute To Mother! ”

  1. Very very very nice & a heart touching poem beta . It’s all about your love , affection & a loss . May God bless you in every way of your life .

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  2. Close your eyes,
    Look into your heart,
    She’s living in there,
    She’s always with you,
    Don’t shed the pearls from your eyes,
    Don’t say she left you alone,
    Just close your eyes,
    Feel your skin,
    She’s standing there,
    She’ll embrace you,
    Dear, don’t you say “she were”,
    Just look into the mirror,
    She STILL IS with you….

    God Bless You Sandali😊..
    Asking you not to cry while having tears in my eyes. 🙈💐💐💐

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